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A Bar Mitzvah is an important ceremony for every Jewish boy and for his parents as it is the time the boy starts being seen as a man. If you are in Toronto and you want the best Bar Mitzvah ceremony for your son, you should consider hiring a DJ or a band for entertainment. But what is better between hiring a Bar Mitzvah DJ and hiring a live band? The fact is that both options have merits and demerits that you should weigh against each other to make an informed decision. However, it is clear that hiring a DJ service such as Toronto DJs has more benefits.

The greatest advantage of hiring a Toronto Bar Mitzvah DJ over hiring a live band is the fact that you will only hire one individual with a DJ instead of different individuals with a live band. This has cost benefits since you are only paying for the services of one person. Hiring a DJ is also advantageous in that the risk of something going wrong is less. With a live band, the members of the group are responsible for making their own music and this means there are risks of such thing as poor vocals and/or poor instrumentals. Members of a live back can suffer from nerves because of the crowd – this is not likely with a DJ because s/he will not be the centre of attraction. DJs use pre-recorded music and since you will have listened to the music in sound check, very little can go wrong. There are more DJs in Toronto than there are live bands and this increases your chances of getting exactly what you want.

The greatest disadvantage of hiring a Bar Mitzvah DJ in Toronto is the fact that your guests will not get that intimate feeling that is associated with live bands. Another disadvantage of hiring a DJ is the fact that if he/she gets sick or injured, you will not get your music if you do not have a backup DJ. This is not a problem with a live band – a live band can cope without one of its members.

The greatest advantage of hiring a live band over enlisting the services of a Toronto DJ is the fact that live performances are intimate. This leads to more memorable events. Performers in live bands are better suited to gear music to match the specific circumstances in the event and they can read the mood of the crowd and do something appropriate. Another advantage of hiring a live band over hiring a Bar Mitzvah DJ is that a member of such a live band can act as MC to your event. The DJ is stuck on the DJ booth. One disadvantage of hiring a live band over hiring a Bar Mitzvah DJ is the fact that you will have to handle all the sound system set-up and to handle related logistical issues. DJs bring their own equipment, including sound equipment, and they are in charge of all related logistical issues. Live bands are only restricted to the music they have performed or that they know while DJs can play anything, even music in languages they do not understand. Live bands are expensive because there are many people to pay and because in most cases, they live performers bring their own background vocalists and their own instruments and you have to pay for all these. You also have to feed the band members and this adds to the expense.