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Merits of Brampton DJs over Live Bands

Brampton is the 3rd largest city in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario in Canada and it is the seat of Peel Region. The population of the city stood at 433,806 according to the 2006 census and it is one of Canada's fastest growing municipalities with an average annual growth rate of 6.6% from 2001 to 2006. The high annual growth rates makes the city very attractive for the service sector and DJs from far and wide, even DJs from Toronto such as Toronto DJs, are pitching tent in the city. If you want success in your party, you should consider enlisting the services of one such DJ service. Some people opt for live bands, but enlisting the services of a DJ has greater advantages.

The greatest advantage of enlisting the services of a Brampton DJ Services over hiring a live band is the fact that you do not need to worry about controlling the DJ, but controlling a live band is usually a problem. DJs are very serious about their job and rarely will you see them mingling with the crowd, drinking, and doing anything else that would interfere with their performance. However, this is not the case with a live band since it will be performing only a few minutes and the rest of the time will be spent mingling with guests and enjoying the party. You should hire a DJ because members of live bands are notorious for arriving late. Your DJ will arrive early to set up his/her equipment and this means there is no risk of delayed performances.

With a Brampton DJ, there will be performance throughout the party. Live bands can only perform a few hours or even a few minutes in the party and this means that the guests will not be entertained the rest of the time. In most cases, people who hire live bands also hire DJs to take care of entertainment whenever the live band is not performing, leading to redundancies. If you want people to request songs, you could enlist the services of a well established DJ service such as Toronto DJs because you could even get a DJ who doubles up as a performer.

Yet another advantage of hiring DJ services in Brampton over enlisting the services of a live band is the fact that you get variety with a DJ. Live bands can only perform their music and a few songs from other musicians while DJs can perform music from all over the world, even music that is not in their language. With a DJ, your guests can request for their favourite songs, something that might be difficult with a live band.

Another of the greatest advantages of hiring a DJ over enlisting the services of a live band is the fact that you will pay less. Well known live bands in Toronto are very expensive while you could get a good DJ for a fraction of the money. With a Brampton DJ, you get additional services because some DJ double up as sound engineers, MCs, and lighting technicians.