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Types of DJs in Oakville and the Greater Toronto Area

Oakville is a small town in Halton Region in Southern Ontario on Lake Ontario. The town has a population of just 165,613, meaning it is difficult to find a world-class DJ. However, you could get good DJs such as Toronto DJs for your event in Toronto which is only a few hours away. When searching for a DJ in the town or in Toronto, it is important that you know the different types of DJs. This is important because a DJ who has specialized in weddings will give you better service than, say, one who has specialized in club music.

One type of DJs in Oakville and the greater Toronto area is mobile DJs. Mobile DJs usually play their music from wide collections of pre-recorded music. These DJs are hired to entertain specific audiences at weddings, local parties, dances, banquets, local charity events, religious ceremonies, and private functions. These DJs get their names from the fact that they travel with their DJ equipment and sound systems, mostly in vans. Mobile DJs usually play mainstream music and they take requests from the audience. Some mobile DJs take part in related activities such as Emceeing, sound engineering, and event coordination.

Another type of Oakville DJ Services and the greater Toronto area is hip hop DJs. These types of DJS create music by using turntables and DJ mixers. These types of DJs usually select and play music to support artists and emcees who are hosting performances and events. Yet another type of DJs is reggae DJs. These DJs specialize on reggae and dance hall music. These DJs are characterized by their input as music is being played and they are known to fans as 'selekta'.

Yet another type of DJ Services in Oakville and the greater Toronto area is club DJs. A club DJ is a DJ who plays music in clubs, night clubs, bars, discotheques, and rave parties. The technique used by club DJs is different from that used by mobile DJs in that club DJs mostly focus on beat-mixing, beat-matching, and controlling the energy level in the crowd. Other techniques employed by club DJs are pitch control, scratching, drop and MP3 mixing, cross fading, juggling, effects processing, and sampling and sequencing. These types of DJs usually hire DJ equipment or use the equipment of the clubs or discotheques where they are performing.

Another type of DJs is radio DJs. As the name suggests, these DJs usually play music to radio listeners and not to live audience. Radio DJs have the luxury of placing tracks in playlists and in using mixing software such as Traktor and Virtual DJ. Another type of DJs in Oakville and the greater Toronto area is wedding DJs. These DJs perform in wedding ceremonies and receptions and they usually have their own DJ equipment. Other than playing wedding music, most wedding DJs also act as MCs in weddings and they perform additional tasks such as lighting and sound engineering. Some DJs specialize in birthdays and other parties. You should consider enlisting the services of a well-established DJ service such as Toronto DJs to get different DJs under one roof.